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Water Slide

We had a huge kick-off last week for all Wednesday night activities at the church.  Sean was in a dunk tank for half of the night, and then Phoebe commandeered him for the inflatable water slide.  He is such a good Dad and didn’t complain once!

Up the steps…

Down the slide!

Off of the slide

Ivy going down the slide with her friend, Alex.

Phoebe holds you around the neck so tightly.  It feels so good!

Sean and Phoebe going down the slide.

Ivy going up the steps.

Phoebe and Daddy.

Phoebe is “smiling”.

Ivy with her tea party friends.

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The First Day of School

It has arrived.  Kindergarten.  I have such mixed feelings.  I am so excited for Ivy.  She loves to learn, play, and be with other kids.  She LOVES her teacher.  She has gone more than a week without moving her “bug”.  (the second day of school she spent the first five minutes of recess walking back and forth because her bug was on blue, not green, not yellow, but blue)

I went to eat lunch with her today, and the first words out of her mouth are, “Hi Mom!  I had to move my bug to yellow.”  She is so forthright, most of the time, and so kind to others, most of the time.  She asks about Phoebe, and poor Phoebe misses her I-Dee.  For the first two weeks Phoebe cried every morning when we dropped Ivy off in car line.  She would say, “I lost I-Dee!”  When we picked her up several hours later, “I found I-Dee!”  I don’t know if its the pregnancy hormones or what, but I have a hard time not crying with Phoebe.  Our girls love each other, and that more than anything makes me so proud…










Doing the first day of school dance.











They dance and sing wherever they are.  The dancing they get from me.  The singing they get from Sean.  I laugh every time I hear Phoebe singing “Cuckoo, cuckoo” from the Sound of Music.










They love to dance together or at least side by side.










The first day of school!









It was a windy first day of school.








Ivy received her Kindergarten Bible during her first church service on Sunday.  She sits with me on the second row, right behind Sean.  So far, so good.









Ivy kept asking me the first Sunday, “When is Daddy going to preach?”  About midway through his sermon she was asking, “Is he almost done?”


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Fun with Family











Phoebe loves her megablocks.









Ivy can play Legos for hours.











Aunt Audrey and Uncle Justin gave the girls Royals attire this summer.  Ivy wore her Royals shirt to school today.  She makes her Daddy proud!









Using her princess bat, she is going to hit the ball out of the park…









Uncle Justin was coaching her swing technique.  (along with her Daddy!)









Phoebe rode her unicorn, while wearing her new Royals dress!









What is it about a school bus that both of my girls find fascinating?









It is special to watch the girls interact with Great Granny.  She keeps them on their toes.








Ivy likes her “cotton candy” hair.  From the mouth of babes…









Ivy, Granny, and Phoebe









Super Silly Girl









Little People have taken over our house!









Ivy is a ham; there isn’t any other way to put it.











They are sisters, so they fight, but they laugh and love each other too.


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The Owens

Our friends from from Augusta, the Owens, came to visit us in July.  We had such a great time!  It was nice to pick back up where we left off in November.








We went to Kaleidoscope and had so much fun making arts and crafts.










Phoebe is painting a visor.








Katelyn and Ivy made magnify glasses.










It was crazy inside the center.









Ivy and Katelyn watching the polar bear.









Enjoying the air conditioned building.









Eating at Frits’ Railroad Restaurant.  The girls loved it!









Phoebe loved the polar bear!









Even superheroes have to brush their teeth.









Mr. Russell helped put the world together.











Phoebe loves Mrs. Pam!


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Snow in August

Last week temperatures soared here in Missouri.  On the hottest day of the week, Ivy decided to pretend it was snowing and build snowmen.  She and Phoebe pulled out stocking hats, scarves, and mittens.  It was fun to see them pretend.  The girls play with each other so well.  Phoebe is going to be so sad when Ivy starts kindergarten next week!









Phoebe loved wearing mittens.











She is a ham and loves to pose for the camera.









Both girls in scarves made by Gram.  Phoebe is showing her support for the Royals.  Every time we drive by the stadium both girls cheer for their Dad’s favorite team.











Phoebe showing more support for KC.











Ivy has announced that she wants to be a rock star/movie star.  She loves “The Hills Are Alive”, her name for The Sound of Music, and she sings songs from State Fair and White Christmas.  Apparently her little sister is into performing also.  We don’t know what we are going to do!  Both girls sang during the VBS Sunday worship time.











I was surprised by Phoebe’s enthusiasm.  She shouted, “ready!” right before they started singing.











I love that Phoebe moved to be next to Ivy.









The girls helped me make pizza dough.











Phoebe worked real well with the flour.











Our big girl…

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