Posted by: Taylor Made | December 27, 2011


The chaos of Christmas morning is always more enjoyable through the eyes of our children. This is the first year Phoebe has really understood. Ivy has been building up the moment – asking daily if Santa was coming tonight. And it all culminated with Christmas Eve. Ivy was shouting and dancing. All while Phoebe literally ran back and forth between rooms joyfully shouting about Santa! The energy they use is really unbelievable. I expected both of them to both deflate like balloons. It was all we could to get them into bed, but they still talked into the night…

Thankfully Santa does not come until everyone is asleep.

And with the late night, they both awoke around seven thirty – later than normal! I made them wait on the stairs until Mom was up. All the while Phoebe was asking “where is Santa?” I guess she thought he was coming to drop off presents and stay for awhile. I could not help her understand that he had other places to deliver – we are the center of the world, right?

But then we went downstairs and the chaos ensued…

Darcy slept through the whole morning. Which was the gift her mom and dad would have really like on Christmas!

Gram and Pappy came over Christmas Evening and we had another round of Christmas gifts…

Audrey and Justin got the girls Walkie-Talkies. They were both thrilled, but Phoebe treated it like a cell phone. She would not push the yellow button, instead walking around the house chatting and answer Ivy!!! (But, as you can see, Ivy kept trying to explain it to Phoebe!)

The Hula-Hoop! Both girls were thrilled. And Ivy is pretty good! A talent which was not passed down from me – I can not hula, but Ivy has promised to teach me…

Some Random shots of the Girls Playing Games…

Rock Stars! The girls look to make tinker toy microphones and jam!

Robin Hood. While at Gram and Pappy’s the girls were in short supply of toys. So Robin Hood and Little John – all the men – became remote controls. Now, even with enough dolls, Ivy and Phoebe will break out the remotes for boys. The girls are of course lovely dolls…

People not yet featured holding little Darcy. Granny, me, and Pappy:



  1. Wonderful pictures, Sean. Thanks so much!

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