Posted by: Taylor Made | December 15, 2011

Taylor Made Arrival…

Hey Friends, a couple of changes are occuring. Certainly the biggest is Darcy, but I am also changing the domain name to The old domain – – will still work. But it was not really fair to promote Ivy without Phoebe and Darcy!

Again, Darcy is the big event… so here are some photos:

Little Darcy arrived Sunday night at 10:53. Of course she was not so little, weighing in at 9lbs 3oz!! Baby and Meg are healthy!

No more footprints directly into the baby book. They now use stickers!

First outfit change. I can say this is the first of many cries relating to the right outfit…

Phoebe, to the right, is a good example of the “my baby” syndrome. She was infuriated when she could not hold her “all by myself” and angry when sister (or anyone else) got a turn.

I love the three sisters – patting one another!

Darcy gets the gifts, but the big girls get to open them!!!

Uncle Jake and Aunt Chrissy (almost) were the first to arrive and hold Darcy. The only ones still out and about at one in the morning!



  1. Marvelous pictures, thank you so much for sharing (and keep ’em coming!)

  2. aw, guys these are adorable! i just love Ivy and Phoebe together smiling and enjoying their new baby sister!

  3. Sweet baby girl! Can’t wait to meet her!

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