Posted by: Taylor Made | October 4, 2011

Go Royals!

Sean’s Aunt Kathi, from California, (or as Ivy would say, “out west”) flew in to go to a Royals’ game.  I know, I know, Sean comes from a long line of LOYAL fans.  Gram and Pappy took everybody to a Saturday night game.  Ivy and Phoebe were SO excited to finally see the Royals play at the stadium we often pass while driving on the interstate.

Uncle Jake, Ivy, and Phoebe

Snacks are a must at any sporting event.

Daddy and Phoebe.  She wanted to be with Pappy or wherever there was chocolate.  Smart girl.

Last Saturday Gram, Ivy, Phoebe, and I went to a Princess Party.  I can’t even describe the frills and costumes.  There was an actual lady playing a REAL harp as we walked into the castle.  Let’s just say the girls thought it was AMAZING!

Outside of the castle

A picture with the Tooth Fairy… Phoebe wasn’t so sure about the pink lady!

Getting “made up”

All made up for the ball!

Playing Princess Bingo

Everyone was a winner in the bingo room.

A Princess looking out the window in her carriage

Phoebe stuck her entire head out of the window.


They had so much fun!

Twirling and whirling!

After all of that dancing, a princess needs to refuel!

Decorating her cookie.

Yummy cookie!


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