Posted by: Taylor Made | September 20, 2011

Planting our first trees in Kearney…

Unlike Augusta, our yard in Kearney is an empty slate.  Sean loves envisioning complicated yard projects, but this weekend he started with planting two trees.  The girls helped dig and play in the dirt, and they were both so proud of the trees!  Phoebe runs to the window now and says, “Look, look, do you like my new tree?”

They patted the dirt over and over and over…

Doing a rain dance.

Working hard.

Face  paint…

Phoebe tried to eat the dirt.

Silly girl.

They really do like each other.

Our first Kearney tree!

Poor Sean, and just think he is going to be outnumbered 4 to 1!

Phoebe arranged her own tea party.

She is waiting to begin.

The tea party ended and she raced around the coffee table with “Tapunzel”.




  1. What fun i have had for the last few minutes….looking at these precious girls but now I know why i haven”t looked before now….I miss you too Bad and I think even more after see these pics. Hugs to everyone…….We love and miss all of you !!!!!

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