Posted by: Taylor Made | September 13, 2011

Celebrating Life

It’s been a year since Grandpa passed away.  Gram and Pappy decided they wanted to do something to celebrate his life and remember what he enjoyed doing with his family.  Out came the fire pit and croquet set.  It was so much fun to watch Ivy play croquet with Granny and Aunt Audrey.  Phoebe ran around “surprising” everybody playing.

We ended  the evening with s’mores.  Phoebe pulled the chocolate out of her treat and ate it first; that’s my girl!  Ivy helped with the firewood and roasted her own marshmallow.  Our girls are getting so big!

Ivy and Granny

With Granny’s help, Ivy did fairly well.

Ivy took her own approach to swinging the mallet.

Mommy is trying to teach Phoebe how to swing.

Ivy helped carry firewood to the fire pit.

Phoebe helped too.

Pappy showed Phoebe how to break the sticks.

Phoebe tried breaking the sticks all by herself.

Aunt Audrey and Ivy planning their next move.

Nice shot!

Phoebe “surprised” everybody several times.

Sean taught Ivy how to throw sticks into the fire.  Hmmm… maybe not the best idea!


Eating s’mores.

Oh so good!



  1. I cannot BELIEVE the jackets you all have on. Jealous!

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