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The chaos of Christmas morning is always more enjoyable through the eyes of our children. This is the first year Phoebe has really understood. Ivy has been building up the moment – asking daily if Santa was coming tonight. And it all culminated with Christmas Eve. Ivy was shouting and dancing. All while Phoebe literally ran back and forth between rooms joyfully shouting about Santa! The energy they use is really unbelievable. I expected both of them to both deflate like balloons. It was all we could to get them into bed, but they still talked into the night…

Thankfully Santa does not come until everyone is asleep.

And with the late night, they both awoke around seven thirty – later than normal! I made them wait on the stairs until Mom was up. All the while Phoebe was asking “where is Santa?” I guess she thought he was coming to drop off presents and stay for awhile. I could not help her understand that he had other places to deliver – we are the center of the world, right?

But then we went downstairs and the chaos ensued…

Darcy slept through the whole morning. Which was the gift her mom and dad would have really like on Christmas!

Gram and Pappy came over Christmas Evening and we had another round of Christmas gifts…

Audrey and Justin got the girls Walkie-Talkies. They were both thrilled, but Phoebe treated it like a cell phone. She would not push the yellow button, instead walking around the house chatting and answer Ivy!!! (But, as you can see, Ivy kept trying to explain it to Phoebe!)

The Hula-Hoop! Both girls were thrilled. And Ivy is pretty good! A talent which was not passed down from me – I can not hula, but Ivy has promised to teach me…

Some Random shots of the Girls Playing Games…

Rock Stars! The girls look to make tinker toy microphones and jam!

Robin Hood. While at Gram and Pappy’s the girls were in short supply of toys. So Robin Hood and Little John – all the men – became remote controls. Now, even with enough dolls, Ivy and Phoebe will break out the remotes for boys. The girls are of course lovely dolls…

People not yet featured holding little Darcy. Granny, me, and Pappy:

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Taylor Made Arrival…

Hey Friends, a couple of changes are occuring. Certainly the biggest is Darcy, but I am also changing the domain name to The old domain – – will still work. But it was not really fair to promote Ivy without Phoebe and Darcy!

Again, Darcy is the big event… so here are some photos:

Little Darcy arrived Sunday night at 10:53. Of course she was not so little, weighing in at 9lbs 3oz!! Baby and Meg are healthy!

No more footprints directly into the baby book. They now use stickers!

First outfit change. I can say this is the first of many cries relating to the right outfit…

Phoebe, to the right, is a good example of the “my baby” syndrome. She was infuriated when she could not hold her “all by myself” and angry when sister (or anyone else) got a turn.

I love the three sisters – patting one another!

Darcy gets the gifts, but the big girls get to open them!!!

Uncle Jake and Aunt Chrissy (almost) were the first to arrive and hold Darcy. The only ones still out and about at one in the morning!

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Go Royals!

Sean’s Aunt Kathi, from California, (or as Ivy would say, “out west”) flew in to go to a Royals’ game.  I know, I know, Sean comes from a long line of LOYAL fans.  Gram and Pappy took everybody to a Saturday night game.  Ivy and Phoebe were SO excited to finally see the Royals play at the stadium we often pass while driving on the interstate.

Uncle Jake, Ivy, and Phoebe

Snacks are a must at any sporting event.

Daddy and Phoebe.  She wanted to be with Pappy or wherever there was chocolate.  Smart girl.

Last Saturday Gram, Ivy, Phoebe, and I went to a Princess Party.  I can’t even describe the frills and costumes.  There was an actual lady playing a REAL harp as we walked into the castle.  Let’s just say the girls thought it was AMAZING!

Outside of the castle

A picture with the Tooth Fairy… Phoebe wasn’t so sure about the pink lady!

Getting “made up”

All made up for the ball!

Playing Princess Bingo

Everyone was a winner in the bingo room.

A Princess looking out the window in her carriage

Phoebe stuck her entire head out of the window.


They had so much fun!

Twirling and whirling!

After all of that dancing, a princess needs to refuel!

Decorating her cookie.

Yummy cookie!

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Planting our first trees in Kearney…

Unlike Augusta, our yard in Kearney is an empty slate.  Sean loves envisioning complicated yard projects, but this weekend he started with planting two trees.  The girls helped dig and play in the dirt, and they were both so proud of the trees!  Phoebe runs to the window now and says, “Look, look, do you like my new tree?”

They patted the dirt over and over and over…

Doing a rain dance.

Working hard.

Face  paint…

Phoebe tried to eat the dirt.

Silly girl.

They really do like each other.

Our first Kearney tree!

Poor Sean, and just think he is going to be outnumbered 4 to 1!

Phoebe arranged her own tea party.

She is waiting to begin.

The tea party ended and she raced around the coffee table with “Tapunzel”.


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Celebrating Life

It’s been a year since Grandpa passed away.  Gram and Pappy decided they wanted to do something to celebrate his life and remember what he enjoyed doing with his family.  Out came the fire pit and croquet set.  It was so much fun to watch Ivy play croquet with Granny and Aunt Audrey.  Phoebe ran around “surprising” everybody playing.

We ended  the evening with s’mores.  Phoebe pulled the chocolate out of her treat and ate it first; that’s my girl!  Ivy helped with the firewood and roasted her own marshmallow.  Our girls are getting so big!

Ivy and Granny

With Granny’s help, Ivy did fairly well.

Ivy took her own approach to swinging the mallet.

Mommy is trying to teach Phoebe how to swing.

Ivy helped carry firewood to the fire pit.

Phoebe helped too.

Pappy showed Phoebe how to break the sticks.

Phoebe tried breaking the sticks all by herself.

Aunt Audrey and Ivy planning their next move.

Nice shot!

Phoebe “surprised” everybody several times.

Sean taught Ivy how to throw sticks into the fire.  Hmmm… maybe not the best idea!


Eating s’mores.

Oh so good!

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